Outside the window, temperatures have already been below zero, but this is not a reason to sit at home for the next 3 months. On the contrary, winter gives us the opportunity to enjoy a whole pleiad of interesting activities. This is the period people will try to look for suitable and affordable rental services around.

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Ice skating and skiing

Start, perhaps, is the traditional winter fun. Here you will find both ski slopes, an ice-skating rink, a rental of skis and skates, and a café to relax. Or you can go on the same skates without leaving the city – on the ice arena or in any of the covered skating rinks of the USA. As a rule, they have everything they need – sharpening and renting skates, recreation areas, cafes or at least small buffets.

Walks in the forest and not only

What could be more beautiful than the forest? Only winter forest! And the US residents are lucky in this regard – we have a lot around him. Take the same neighborhood North – there is a stone’s throw from the forest, and you will hardly get lost. Or you can wander around the hills scattered around. So, wait for the first decent snow, dress warmly, grab a thermos with tea or coffee – and go ahead. Such walks are good because you can not only explore the surroundings but also, for example, be alone with yourself.

Winter picnic

The habit of driving “on kebabs” to a US person is very close. True, many people think that it is possible to travel to nature and relax there only in the warm season. But enough of those who are not averse to taking a brazier, coals, marinated meat, and good mood, get in the car and settle in on some snowy glade. One of the advantages is invigorating walks in the fresh air, good appetite and the opportunity to admire the beauty of the winter.

Sled or tubing?

This winter fun, familiar to everyone since childhood, has not lost its relevance, and this applies to both adults and children. Climb higher, ride the sleigh, and go forward. Or you can modernize the exercise and ride on inflatable rubber “donuts” – tubes. Some even tie them with a long cable to snowmobiles and cars, but here you need to be very careful.
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